Learning Topics – Leadership and the Five C’s

CourageWork learning workshops are designed to open up new and empowering perspectives on leadership and five big C’s:

  • Leadership (“leading from within” –leadership based on the foundation of one’s own integrity and the empowerment of leadership at all levels in an organization)
  • Culture (creating healthy communities based on trust, accountability, appreciation, and rich diversity)
  • Conflict (engaging in it constructively)
  • Communication (connecting across various lines of difference, speaking truth and listening with an open mind to others truths, setting and holding healthy boundaries, understanding developmental issues for adults in various stages and with varying styles)
  • Commitment (activating internal motivation in yourself and in others)
  • Change (working skillfully with resistance, paradoxes, and the complex energies that move us forward and that hold us back)

Sessions integrate ideas from Circles of Trust®, Polarity Management®, Immunity to Change®, Non-Violent Communication, constructive conflict, difficult conversations, adult development theory, enneagram personality styles, adaptive leadership, Conscious Embodiment® and much more.

I have spent 30+ years offering workshops in which learners enjoy the creativity, dynamism, clarity, humor, and practicality of their learning. Participants keep coming back as new topics become available and their needs change.