Team Learning

Team Learning

Humans are born to learn – and we never stop. One of the most immensely satisfying and inspiring experiences for groups and individuals is the DUH-aHAH! moment – a paradoxical combination of profound new insight (the “ahah”) with a sense of already knowing at a deep level the truth of what has been revealed (the “duh”).

Such moments can wake us from a fog of confusion, doubt, or fear and offer a sense of understanding, confidence, and even appreciation for the complex dilemmas we are facing. When a group collectively makes a breakthrough like this, powerful energy is liberated for moving forward positively.

We are fortunate to be living in a time when so many useful models for understanding the complexities of human life are being developed and tested. And yet, so much of what is known hasn’t found its way into common practice, where it can help us work better together in pursuit of our worthy common goals.

CourageWork learning sessions bring out with clarity, focus, humor, and relevance the best of this wisdom in formats that learners of all styles can understand. In each learning workshop, participants actively engage in making personal sense of new ideas explored and how they can apply the learning to their lives at home and at work.

CourageWork learning workshops are designed to open up new and empowering perspectives on leadership and five big C’s:

  • Leadership (“leading from within” –leadership based on the foundation of one’s own integrity and the empowerment of leadership at all levels in an organization)
  • Culture (creating healthy communities based on trust, accountability, appreciation, and rich diversity)
  • Conflict (engaging in it constructively)
  • Communication (connecting across various lines of difference, speaking truth and listening with an open mind to others truths, setting and holding healthy boundaries, understanding developmental issues for adults in various stages and with varying styles)
  • Commitment (activating internal motivation in yourself and in others)
  • Change (working skillfully with resistance, paradoxes, and the complex energies that move us forward and that hold us back)

Sessions integrate ideas from Circles of Trust®, Polarity Management®, Immunity to Change®, Non-Violent Communication, constructive conflict, difficult conversations, adult development theory, enneagram personality styles, adaptive leadership, Conscious Embodiment® and much more.

I have spent 30+ years offering workshops in which learners enjoy the creativity, dynamism, clarity, humor, and practicality of their learning. Participants keep coming back as new topics become available and their needs change.

Yarrow’s expertise in enhancing communication among groups of people with differing perspectives is really quite astounding. My staff always enjoys time facilitated by Yarrow because she is fun, inspirational and insightful. – Debra Gary, Pioneer Elementary Principal

Each workshop is custom-designed to fit the needs of the group. Content, length and number of sessions, balance of theory and practicality, size of group – all are determined in joint consultation with the client.

Typical groups that have benefitted from learning workshops include:

  • leadership teams in organizations (from 2 to 200 people)
  • staffs of organizations or schools in transition, conflict, or that just want to keep growing
  • new supervisors, managers, or directors
  • leaders whose scope of responsibility has shifted
  • people (office managers, social workers, health care providers, public servants, parents) whose roles put them in contact with others under sometimes challenging circumstances
  • individuals who
    • are in personal or professional transition
    • have goals they are having difficulty achieving
    • want to communicate better with others
    • are looking for ways to integrate head, heart, body and spirit in their work and home life


Contact me if a learning breakthrough in these areas could help you, your team or organization.