What CourageWork Clients Say

See what some of my clients have to say:

Following a very contentious year, Yarrow provided polarity management training to 100+ members of our leadership team. Her excellent facilitation skills and ability to create a safe environment in which to address authentic issues were impressive. Years later, we still use what we learned.

- Larry Francois, Superintendent – Northshore School District

Yarrow has been extremely helpful to us at IslandWood, working with a variety of teams – kitchen staff, educators, and the senior leadership team. She has brought personal passion and a wealth of knowledge as a consultant, helping us work through natural workplace conflicts and coaching individuals to further bolster their leadership skills. IslandWood is a better place because of Yarrow!

- Ben Klasky, Executive Director – IslandWood

As a retreat facilitator, Yarrow has a remarkable capacity to listen deeply and to empathize with others, without attempting to “fix” or solve their problems. She is direct and even blunt at times, but simultaneously loving, tender and patient.

- Alan Preston, Courage & Renewal Facilitator

Yarrow has many gifts: a fine mind, original insight, a good eye for what’s happening with individuals and groups, and terrific instincts for problem-solving. Best of all, she has a fabulous sense of humor! I feel certain that you and your group will value her work as much as I do.

- Parker J. Palmer, author of “The Courage to Teach,” “Let Your Life Speak,” and “A Hidden Wholeness”

Comments from client evaluations

Yarrow is an expert facilitator, known for her insight, humor, breadth of knowledge, warmth, and responsiveness to individual and group needs.

She is able to quickly create a sense of safety
 and yet challenge people to grow beyond their current limits.

She is courageous in working with groups experiencing great tension and helps everyone feel valuable and included. She helps people name the elephants in the room, but keeps the poop off people’s heads.

She has an extraordinary 
ability to articulate and clarify complex issues to a wide range of groups and individuals with different styles.

She is able to listen deeply to what’s going on below the surface as well as “on top” and articulate it so others
 understand. She has a laser-like ability to get to the heart of the matter.

She blends a fierce honesty with great kindness and sensitivity. Yarrow creates work that goes very deep, helping people align their most dearly held inner truths with their actions in the world. She is encouraging and inspiring.

She integrates cutting edge knowledge about organizational development and leadership in ways that are interactive and highly engaging for participants.

She is excellent at connecting with people of all styles and at all levels in the workplace - from the superintendent or high level manager to front line service workers. She creates an environment where insights that come from cultural, ethnic, racial, gender, class, and other differences are invited and respected.

She is fun, funny, and vibrantly energetic, and yet can also be calm and calming.

Yarrow is an unusual combination of both idealistic and practical, deeply committed to client success with just the right blend of attention to outcomes and process.