What does coaching involve?

Yarrow draws from a deep well of understanding and a broad repertoire of strategies to help her clients gently move through stuck places and find a whole new realm of possibility in their lives. - Lillian Lahiri, National Board Certified Teacher

Coaching is a highly personalized process. We work together to clarify your what you want coaching to do for you - looking for common threads among several different dilemmas you may be facing.

After establishing your goals, we identify underlying patterns of thinking, speaking, and acting that are holding you back, as well as strengths or talents you can build on. We then design a plan for observation, learning, and practice that addresses immediate “problems” as well as expands your capacity to keep growing and learning in the future.

Through a series of fiercely honest yet completely supportive conversations (with related “homework”) we:

  • explore dilemmas
  • open up new awareness– expanding your perspective on yourself and your world
  • uncover habits that may be getting in your way
  • identify and build on known and hidden strengths
  • clarify interests and needs
  • develop new skills
  • learn powerful new ideas
  • design practices to sustain positive changes


As a certified Integral Coach, I draw from an ever-expanding variety of approaches including Polarity Management, Immunity to Change, Non-Violent Communication, Enneagram, Integral Coaching, Mindfulness Meditation, Conscious Embodiment, and more.