What I’m Passionate About

Courageous Communication

The longer I’ve worked in education, coaching, and organizational change, the more I believe it is critical for everyone to learn to listen deeply to each other – and themselves. It is only when we manage the polarity of listening with an open heart/mind AND finding the courage to speak important truths that we can come together across differences to create the changes our world most needs.

Authenticity and Awareness

Parker Palmer and many great Buddhist (and other spiritual tradition) teachers have strongly influenced my understanding of the importance of joining “soul and role” – living in mindful alignment from the inside out. When people show up fully as themselves, the results are often astonishingly encouraging. There is an inner teacher in each of us offering wisdom we need only slow down to hear.


Powerful thinkers like Bob Kegan, Lisa Lahey, Barry Johnson, and others have helped me see, and experience, the power of shifting mindsets. Individuals and groups are able to take huge developmental leaps in their ability to work together with “hearts and smarts”.

Social Justice

Ever since my high school activist days, I’ve been a passionate advocate for social justice, human rights and peace in many forms. Currently I volunteer with Rainier Scholars as a tutor, and The Freedom Project as a mindfulness/ Non-Violent Communication facilitator inside the prisons.