Leadership Development

Leadership Development

“A leader is someone with the power to project either shadow or light upon some part of the world, and upon the lives of the people who dwell there. A leader shapes the ethos in which others must live…. A good leader has high awareness of the interplay of inner shadow and light, lest the act of leadership do more harm than good.” —Parker Palmer, Leading From Within

The Leadership Circle Profile reveals to leaders and managers what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what actions they can take to lift their leadership to a higher level.

By comparing self-assessment with feedback from bosses, peers, direct reports, and others, leaders working with their coach identify blind spots, limiting beliefs, and map next steps to developing needed leadership competencies for leaders, managers, and teams. Highly rated as valid, reliable, and correlated to leadership effectiveness, with a normative database of over 100,000. Manager and leader editions available.

The Leadership Culture Survey is a team instrument that reveals valuable data about how people view their current leadership culture, how this compares to the optimal culture they desire, and how your leadership culture compares to that of other organizations. By finding the gap between current culture and desired culture, it instantly reveals key opportunities for leadership development.

Based on significant on-going study of leadership literature and seminal ideas from

  • Creative and Reactive Orientations (Fritz, Senge and Kiefer)
  • Authenticity (Block)
  • Cognitive Psychology (Burns, Ellis)
  • Emotional Intelligence (Goleman)
  • Character Structure (Horney)
  • Enneagram (Sufi tradition)
  • Adult Stages of Development (Kohlberg, Kegan, Cook-Greuter, Wilber, Hall, Beck, Covey, Fowler), and more…

Assessement Tool

Yarrow has served our large department as a retreat facilitator, team trainer, and leadership coach. Her work has been life changing for our department and those we serve. – Edmonds Schools Administrator

Leadership CAN be learned. Effective leaders are always challenging themselves to grow bigger in both mindset and skillset.

CourageWork leadership development helps you or your team realistically assess your strengths and limitations, and the potentially limiting assumptions you hold about ourselves and others. We then help you move beyond those limitations by increasing both understanding and your range of effective behaviors.

CourageWork leadership development helps you balance:

  • Attention inward (to your thoughts, actions, emotions, and body) and outward to those same dimensions in others
  • Reflection and action
  • Decisiveness and inclusiveness in decision making
  • Focus on outcomes and focus on process
  • Relationships and tasks
  • Long and short term focus
  • Home and work life
  • Care of yourself and care of others
Yarrow is attuned to the latest in organizational and individual leadership theory. Her understanding of paradox helps leaders ‘hold’ the many challenges they face. – Cindy McMahon, Ph. D., Principal – The Community School

In addition, work will often focus on:

  • Prioritization
  • Delegation
  • Coaching and mentoring others
  • Communication
  • Engaging constructively with conflict
  • Working with change and people’s response to it
  • Creating a culture of trust and accountability


CourageWork leadership development is offered both as individual coaching or work with a leadership team. All programs are custom designed to meet client needs. Contact me to discuss your unique situation.