I have been teaching and leading learning experiences for adults and youth for 40 years in a wide variety of settings. I work with individuals, small and large groups who are committed to making a positive difference for children, families, and our diverse community. My focus is on transformational learning for leaders and groups facing conflict or breakdowns in trust, rapid change, and those desiring to create truly equitable and supportive environments in which everyone feels included.

I launched CourageWork in 2005 to offer individual leadership coaching, team retreat and workshop facilitation, and change consulting in education, human services, government, health care, law, and social justice-oriented not-for-profits and businesses. I built on my skills gained teaching high school for 18 years, working in adult professional development,  and founding a non-profit based on the work of Dr Parker Palmer.

I have a Masters Degree from the University of Washington in Curriculum and Instruction, as well as certification as a Courage & Renewal® facilitator, Integral® Coach, Certified Polarity Management® trainer, Immunity to Change® consultant and coach, Leadership Circle Profile and EQ in Action Profile,  and many others.

What I’m Passionate About


Courageous Communication

I believe it is critical for everyone to learn to listen deeply to each other – and themselves. It is only when we manage the polarity of listening with an open heart/mind AND finding the courage to speak important truths that we can come together across differences and build the mutual trust necessary to create the changes our world and workplaces most need. We can all benefit from learning “calling in” strategies that strengthen our ties with each other.

Authenticity and Awareness

Powerful spiritual teachers from a variety of traditions have strongly influenced my understanding of the importance of joining “soul and role” – living in mindful alignment from the inside out. There is an inner teacher in each of us offering wisdom we need only slow down to hear. When people show up fully as themselves, the results are usually astonishing and  encouraging.


I  strive to recognize and experience the power and importance of opening our minds to other people’s truths and ways of seeing. This openness allows us to be deeply influenced so that we continually grow in our ability to best serve the Earth and each other – outside our usual perspectives. My approach is informed by my study with Jennifer Garvey Berger, Bob Kegan, Lisa Lahey, Barry Johnson, Parker Palmer, Resmaa Menachin, Loretta J Scott, Hameed Ali, Leticia Nieto, Glenn Singleton, Brene Brown, and others.

Social Justice

More than ever, commitment to justice in all its forms (racial, gender, economic, environmental, ability, and more)  is a necessity if we are to survive and thrive together on this planet. Our workplaces are places where we can put these values into action, and we have a lot to learn about how to do this well.