For clients interested in a deeper understanding of their psychological and even spiritual “architecture”, I offer the Enneagram as a fascinating and helpful tool. It provides an easy to understand and remember practical system for increasing emotional intelligence, with insights that can be used for personal and professional development.

The Enneagram is cross-cultural and highly accurate, with many work-related applications in the following areas: communication, conflict, feedback, teams, leadership, strategy, decision making, self-mastery, coaching, and more.

The Enneagram is currently being used by organizations worldwide to help employees and leaders develop greater self-awareness and self-acceptance and to take personal responsibility for their behavior. This enables individuals at all levels in the organization to become actors in their environments rather than passive recipients. Further, the Enneagram provides specific development paths and activities tailored to each Enneagram style so that development time is spent more efficiently and results are clear and long lasting

Let me know if you would like to use the Enneagram as one element of your coaching or group learning. For more information on the Enneagram the following have different “flavors” to their approach: